May 23, 2012

Visual Harmony is Ocala’s Premier HTML5 Animation Provider

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Thanks to HTML5, Flash is on its way out.  Although we are veteran Flash developers here at Visual Harmony, we are excited to be dropping our Flash development services in favor of HTML5 animation!  It has a lot of benefits over using Flash.

Here are some of the reasons its becoming more popular to use HTML5 for animation:

  • HTML5 is universally supported. With the exception of some archaic browsers and devices, HTML5 works practically the same on each and every machine, whether computer, phone, tablet, or microchip implant.  Just joking on that last one.
  • Adobe will no longer be updating Flash for mobile devices.  Apparently, Apple’s refusal to support Flash on their iOS devices was the beginning of the end for mobile Flash.  You can read more about this here.
  • In my opinion, Flash has always had a bloated feel to it.  It lacked the clean and cozy feel of other Adobe programs and the development environment was always a royal pain to work with.  HTML5 gets back to the spirit of the web, which is all about optimization.  By removing the proprietary overhead, the resulting source code can be much cleaner and the future of web animation is rescued from Adobe’s monopolistic claws.
  • Flash often causes your pages to fail HTML validation.  The most common way of adding flash relies on the embed tag.  The only problem is that the <embed> tag was deprecated in both the HTML4 and XHTML1 specs, which were used prior to HTML5.  Oddly, it seems that the <embed> tag has been reworked and is back in HTML5.  But that’s no reason to go back to Flash!
  • HTML5 has no accessibility drawbacks.  Flash made it harder for search engines to figure out what your pages were about.  This was eventually addressed and partially corrected by Adobe, but in HTML5 you can just add alt properties to your elements and be done with it.

Although Flash was a dear friend for many years, we are happy to finally be parting ways.  Stay tuned for our next few posts, which will showcase original examples of what can be done with HTML5!

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