Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the keys to a successful digital marketing campaign is to have a well-defined strategy. At Visual Harmony, we work with our clients to develop and implement a custom digital marketing strategy that will help them reach the top of the search results for their desired keyword phrases.

Search Engine Optimization Overview

First, we review their website and prepare a comprehensive report of the current state of their search profile. Next, we identify key competitors and assess what is and isn’t working for them. We then use this data to increase the amount and quality of traffic to the site. All this is done while staying within their monthly budget. Then, we go through and perform a laundry-list of on-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO) tasks. Some of these include making sure their XML sitemap is set up and includes all important pieces of content on the site and handling the process of improving page load speed and speed scores.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Setup and Managment

We also set up and provide ongoing management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. We are able to identify keywords that will perform well and monitor and track their performance. Adjustments are made as needed so that clients are always receiving the highest return from their advertising budget. We are also able to identify keyword phrases which underperform so that these are avoided and do not drain resources.

Accepting New Digital Marketing Projects in January 2019

We just wanted let everyone know that we are offering these services again. We have many SEO experts in our network and can provide unmatched service and results when it comes to developing and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy for clients in Ocala, Belleview, and all of Central Florida. Currently, our schedule is fully booked through the end of 2018 but we are currently accepting appointments for new digital marketing projects starting in January 2019. Contact us to schedule an appointment in early 2019.